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Discover Cathar Country and Greece

Apart from writing, Jeanne also takes groups and individuals on fascinating tours through Occitania, southern France, and Greece. In the past few years, she had the honour of being the private guide for several VIPs from around the world.

Many people who visit Cathar Country or Greece only see the highlights of these historical countries. They miss the secrets, the connections, the unknown stories. As an official tour guide (guide accompagnateur) in Occitania and tour organizer in Greece, Jeanne knows the paths, the unknown places, the stories behind the stories, and can explain the underlying history of and connections between these places.

"I've fallen in love with these places; not just for their incredible history and stunning landscapes, but also because it contains in its sites and power places all the tools I need to explain the deeper layers of ancient knowledge and mystic wisdom, the Hermetic Teachings, myths and legends, the esoteric origins of the Gnosis, the birth of Christianity and the story of the Cathars and the Knights Templar. These stories are necessary to understand not only the real cause of the religious conflicts in the Middle Ages that led to the Albigensian Crusades, but also today's world. For me, bringing people to these places is like doing a real-life PowerPoint Presentation exactly on those important historical spots."

As Jeanne is currently writing the 3rd book of her Time Travel Trilogy - a story that will explain the connection between the Mediterranean Celts and ancient Greece - she is currently organizing an exclusive group tour to Greece (17th to 27th May 2019). For more info contact us a.s.a.p.; we still have a few seats left.

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