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About the author

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Jeanne D'Août is a writer, historical researcher, tour guide and producer. For 40 years she has been researching the hidden history of mankind and its religious and cultural path. Ever since she was a child, she has enjoyed discovering hidden mysteries, while visiting many countries including Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Israel and Egypt. The biggest mystery, however, was discovered when she moved from the country of her birth (The Netherlands) to a region known as Occitania (southern France). As a tour guide she was able to explore the area and its many secrets to her heart's content and in 2008 she decided to start writing a thriller book to share her findings. Her first book, "White Lie", was first published in 2011.

In the media

In 2012, Jeanne featured in the now world famous documentary "Himmler and the Holy Grail". She was also a guest on several radio shows. In 2013 she worked with filmmaker Frank LaLoggia to write a synopsis for a possible screenplay based on "White Lie". In February 2013, Jeanne was one of the guests on a live TV talk show in Las Vegas. In 2014 she was interviewed by author and TV personality William Henry for his "Revelations" radio show while writing her second book, "The Eye of Ra". In 2015, Jeanne was a guest on Intrepid Radio, Whitley Strieber's "Dreamland" radio show and René Barnett's Night Vision Radio Show.

The adventure continues
In her second book, "The Eye of Ra", Jeanne takes her readers to ancient Egypt, on a quest to find an ancient relic from the time of Moses and Aaron. Again, adventure mixes with mysticism and hidden knowledge while exploring Egyptian Magic and the ancient Egyptian Mystery School teachings. "The Eye of Ra" was published in February 2015.

After joining the ITW (International Thriller Writers Organization) in June 2015, Jeanne started writing the 3rd book of her Time Travel Trilogy, which is scheduled to be released in the Spring of 2020. Though all 3 books can be read separately in any order, this new adventure will take the reader on an even deeper journey to a more ancient time.

2016 eBook releases
In March 2016, "White Lie, the quest for the forbidden relic" was published on Kindle under the new title: "THE FORBIDDEN RELIC". In June 2016 "The Eye of Ra" will follow. Paperback editions are available for those who prefer the tangible copies (see menu). Jeanne's passion for the Rennes-le-Chateau enigma was kindled by author Henry Lincoln's research.

The story behind the nom de plume
Jeanne had discovered that some of her ancestors had actually come from Occitania. While investigating this, she found a family seal with a dove, sitting on a branch, while holding a laurel twig in its beak. According to her father, the family had fled the region during a period of violent religious conflicts; a holocaust, better known as the Cathar Crusade (13th century). Several members of the family fled to the north into the Belgian region of Flanders and translated the name Août - referring to the grain harvest in the month of August - into the local dialect. To honour her ancestors, Jeanne decided to use a nom de plume based on her ancestral name.

Jeanne: "When my husband and I bought
a house in Occitania in the year 2000,
my father said: 'You've come home'.
Until that moment, I had no idea
of my family's connection with this region."

Jeanne still lives in the foothills of the Pyrenean mountain range,
just 20 minutes from the enigmatic village of Rennes-le-Chateau;
the hilltop village that had first lured her to the region.

* * * *

Guided Tours
Apart from writing, Jeanne also takes groups and individuals on fascinating tours through Occitania, southern France. In the past few years, she had the honour of being the private guide for several VIPs and celebs.

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